The Speed Of Sound Museum Of Tomorrow – The new album: CD (£9)

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Museum Of Tomorrow: 

01 Tomorrow’s World, 02 Opium Eyes, 03 Smokescreen, 04 Zombie Century, 05 Wired And Tired, 06 Virtual Reality (Part 2), 07 Shadow Factory, 08 Impossible Past, 09 Leaf Blower, 10 Blood Sweat And Tears, 11 Charlotte, 12 The Day The Earth Caught Fire, 13 Last Orders.

You are invited to enjoy the unveiling and to visit Museum Of Tomorrow: It opens on 17th September and will never close. Created and curated by Manchester UK’s genre-category defying The Speed Of Sound. Unfurling their Future-Retro-Modernist flag and planting it firmly atop their ambitiously realised (and fifth) full length album. Released precisely 32 years after their first EP was launched way back in 1989. This is their first full length project to be shown in collaboration with Big Stir Records and it follows a string of eight songs realised as singles with the Californian label; none of which appear here. Museum Of Tomorrow is an all new experience. Every one of the thirteen songs could have been selected as a single, instead the pieces form an organically homogeneous collection, put forward and displayed together inside the Museum Of Tomorrow. This is an album made manifest by – and for – people who like albums.

Museum Of Tomorrow is an exhilarating nonstop sensory indulgence. A low altitude magic carpet ride at breakneck speed over the detailed insanity of the early 21st century, drenched in Science-Fiction and retro-futurist infused imagery and themes. Despite the darkness of some of the subject matter the lyrics are playful and as bright as coloured vinyl. This is the Museum Of Tomorrow; not a mere time-capsule, or bleak survey of dystopian protest themes; this is a fully immersive experience. Drunk with richness it hurtles on, twisting its many turns with subtlety; exhibiting mood, style and pace variance. The trajectory is laid in and the thrusters fire. The listener is pulled headlong into what lies ahead.

From the opening line “We were offered Star Trek, but they fed us Soylent Green” – which is etched into the vinyl – science fiction abounds within the music, positioning The Now simultaneously in the Future and in the Past. We all exist on the edge of forever.

The album was conceived as two seamless sides, with this in mind from the outset the vinyl LP was mastered as two complete extended pieces: Gallery One and Gallery Two. Korg synthesiser lines, reminiscent of classic Science Fiction incidental music and sound-collages link the gapless songs.