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The Speed Of Sound In A Blood Orange Sky – audio CD


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Physical CD album. The second album runs to 52’59” and, like its older sibling carries twelve original songs from The Speed Of Sound archive, re-recorded throughout 2011 on tape-hiss free digital recording by Boss BR-600 in-home recording gear.


01. You’ve Got To Move Too
02. English Electric Lightning F6
03. No Kicks
04. There’s No One There
05. Temporary Fault
06. The Changes
07. Uhrwerk
08. Sit By The River
09. Torrey Canyon
10. Intercept
11. Throw It Away
12. Overlooked

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear a merger between Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed? Well, wonder no more! The vocals are dark and melancholy – they have an intense quality that makes me stop everything I’m doing and just listen. The music surrounding the words pulls me along like a tide, making me drift away from reality without even feeling that I have an option. The Speed of Sound have a definitive sound for these times.”
Music vs The World

“.. cool mix of *punk_nastiness* and a touch of *The
Byrds_5th_dimension_LP* (know this one?) .. unusual mix! ..” Lord Litter, Radio and web DJ (Berlin)

“This is dynamite! The first release was good but this is plain TERRIFIC. I could name influences but why bother, it’s just enjoyable, creative and well done. Top-notch.” Don Campau, Radio and web DJ (California)

And- Song by Song commentary from listener Mark in Brazil:

You’ve Got To Move Too : Memorable riffs on a 12-string electric guitar. One of the best ones on the CD. Catchy, drum rolls, dominant double tracked vocals even a slight stutter, Who like middle eight.

English Electric Lightning F6 : Great bass line and piercing electric prog guitar, like a combination of Rush but with a bit of John Cale from The Gift.

No Kicks : 1980s Banshees vibe about it.

There’s No One There : Of course the old classic – but changed.

Temporary Fault : Lou Reedian.

The Changes : One of my faves – post-punk influences – Gang of Four?

Uhrwerk : Hendrix! I like weird alarm clock gap in the middle and as always the guitars are interesting.

Sit By The River : Neil Young’s Crazy Horse-style raw guitar parts.

Torrey Canyon : I wasn’t quite born when this happened but good idea for a song.

Intercept : There is nothing in the world like a bit of backwards guitar

Throw It Away : Killing Jokish – one of the highlights of the CD for me.

Overlooked : You are not afraid to let loose your inner rock demon. Awesome last chord!