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The Speed Of Sound – Everything Changes – Download mp3 version of the album

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Download version of the Everything Changes album total run-time 76’:46”
All songs recorded in the same sessions during 2015/16 and mastered at Vibratone Sound Studio in Manchester.
01. Shut All The Clubs
02. I Can’t Say
03. Maid Of the Grey
04. Only Everything
05. Little Miss Restless
06. Seen It All Before
07. Girl On The Roof
08. Seen It All Before
09. Karin B
10. Always Seems To Fall
11. Checkpoint Charlie
12. I See You Everywhere That I Go
13. The Wargame
14. Chalk Circle
15. Day In Day Out
16. Checkered Land
17. The Changes
18. Uhrwerk
19. Sit By The River
20. There’s No One There
Reviewed in Bliss/Aquamarine:
“The Speed Of Sound were originally active between 1989-91, reforming some years later to release two albums in 2011 and 2012, and now they are back with a third album released as a lavish package containing 12″ heavyweight vinyl, double CD and full colour inserts. The first CD includes all the songs from the LP, the second CD features ten bonus tracks. The band has an exciting, energetic style and a strong DIY underground attitude, blending the more angular side of 1980’s indie music and post punk with aspects of psych and garage rock. Shut All The Clubs is spiky post-punk. Maid Of The Grey is off-centre psych-pop with a raw garagey sensibility and a catchy tuneful chorus – really brilliant stuff. Little Miss Restless is an inventive take on 80s-ish indie pop, bringing in soaring flute which adds a dreamlike atmosphere partway between psychedelia and classical music. Always Seems To Fall is melancholic and tuneful indie pop offset by a raw, metallic guitar sound. Chalk Circle is intense, dark and on edge, blending elements of post-punk indie pop and vintage style rock. The Changes is a prime slice of underground rock, balancing spiky abrasiveness with a strong sense of melody. Limited to 350 copies, this is a great album from a band I’m keen to hear more from.”
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