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The Speed Of Sound At Tree Level – Download mp3

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The download version of the first album ‘At Tree Level’.

The 1st album: Running time 56’42” features twelve original songs. Home Demo srudio digital recordings on a Boss BR-600 – a real advancement on the Fostex fourtrack. Featuring songs from the early The Speed Of Sound archive re-recorded throughout 2010. Specially Mastered for digital format. Without the inescapable tape-hiss of the earlier 1990/91 recordings, because there is no tape.
Release day 30th March 2011 was the date The Speed Of Sound joined the 21st Century.
01. I See You Everywhere That I Go
02. The Wargame
03. Chalk Circle
04. Day In Day Out
05. Drive
06. Time Will Tell
07. This Winterland
08. Ghosts Of Grytviken
09. Keep It Quiet
10. Love
11. Lost Memory
12. Glide On By

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear a merger between Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed? Well, wonder no more! The vocals are dark and melancholy – they have an intense quality that makes me stop everything I’m doing and just listen. The music surrounding the words pulls me along like a tide, making me drift away from reality without even feeling that I have an option. The Speed of Sound have a definitive sound for these times.”
Music vs The World

“unique and somehow in a time_capsule or timeless the 80s are a bit in there somehow somehwere but still it’s *new*” Lord Litter Radio and web DJ (Berlin)”

“Has an excellent and confident air about it that I like, well produced and executed as well.” Don Campau Radio and Web DJ (California)

“A stonking blend of thoughtful lyrics awash with over angst and splendid guitars. Sixties influences abound but not in a trite or polite way. The twelve string Rickenbacker chops come out with vengeance so they never sound dated. You’ll find humour and sadness, rage and softness amongst the superb set to be found on this disc. Vitriolic vocals and a lifetime of emotions all wrapped up in a fuzzed up coating. Smashing!” Matt – East Lothian, Scotland.